What are the most common requests for prototype/research roll presses?

The following are the most common customer requests regarding roll presses for prototype production and research. If you are considering purchasing a roll press, we hope you will find this helpful.
Thank Metal Co., Ltd. responds to these requests by providing roll presses that are easy to use for prototyping and research.

I want to heat and press the roll.

In order to heat the material to be pressed and increase its density, the roll temperature can be heated up to 200℃ for pressing. Please contact us for the maximum heating temperature. An optional fan is also available to force the heat generated by heating to escape outside.

I want to press with high pressure

Our roll presses are standard, and we have devices with a wide range of pressing forces from 2 tons to 50 tons. It is an air-hydro type that converts air pressure into hydraulic pressure depending on the pressure applied, which saves space.
For higher pressures it is hydraulic.

I want to use it with AC100V power supply

Since 200V AC is not available at the location where the roll press is installed, if you would like a roll press that can be used with 100V AC, we also have a small roll press that can be used with 100V AC.
However, the maximum pressing force is 4 tons and the roll size is 150mm wide. Heating type is also available.

I want to press materials that have been coated intermittently.

Our roll presses are equipped with an unwinding and winding device as an option. When continuously pressing materials that have been coated intermittently, set a dancer roller on the material feed to prevent feed misalignment in uncoated areas.

I want to widen the gap between rolls

Our standard type roll press has a maximum gap between rolls of 2mm. If you want to press thick materials with a gap of 2mm or more, you can use a two-motor type roll press.

Place the laminate film on top of the material to be pressed and press together.

A coater was used for the same purpose, but a roll press can also be used. The unwinding device can be installed in two stages, upper and lower.