We can contribute despite our size with our outstanding technological strengths.

Since our founding, Thank Metal has been contributing highly to Japan’s industrial energy sector, which has achieved remarkable development.
What our company has learned through the accumulation of know-how and achievements over the years is the concept of “small but functional high-performance manufacturing.” While establishing a completely customized structure for design, development, and manufacturing that meets the precise needs on the user end, we are able to propose products that meet all requirements. Amidst expanding globalism, Thank Metal is challenging Japan’s leading processing technology and continues to work toward becoming a front-runner company in energy processing technology, including lithium ion batteries, the green energy of our time.
As an environment-friendly and human-friendly company with the stance of “we’re small but have outstanding technological strengths,” we will continue to advance our business. We appreciate your continued patronage.

President (CEO)Shigehiro Matsushita

Company Profile

Company name THANK-METAL CO.,LTD.

Headquarters / Miki factory
No. 403 Minamisenji Sumisen-ji, Chichikawa-cho, Miki City, Hyogo Japan
TEL.0794-88-2177 FAX.0794-88-2271 > MAP

Yashiro factory
1 5-12, Kita, Kato-shi, Hyogo Japan
TEL.0795-43-9028 FAX.0795-43-9020 > MAP

Kobe branch office
Sannomiya First Building No. 303 Shobedori 3-chome 2-11 Chuo-ku Kobe City Hyogo Japan
TEL.078-252-1670 FAX.078-252-1678 > MAP

Tokyo Office
14th floor of Arca Central, 1-chome, No. 1-2, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL.03-6853-6663 FAX.03-6853-6776 > MAP

E-Mail : matsushita@thank-metal.com

Capital amount 32 million yen
President and CEO Shigehiro Matsushita