Battery Trial Production Equipment Manufacturing Business

A mainstay business of Thank Metal is the manufacturing of equipment used in the trial production of lithium ion batteries.
For the trial production of lithium ion batteries, many types of equipment are necessary such as those needed to stir the materials to make the electrodes, roll presses to thinly spread out the material, a stacking devices for overlaying the cathodes, separators, and anodes, and welding machines.
We manufacture equipment required for all processes, and from the time of our founding, we’ve received high praise for our quality.

In the future, we will work towards expanding our areas so that our technologies can be utilized in different fields.

Rental Laboratory Business

We want to do a battery trial production, but we won’t be producing at a scale in which we need full-scale equipment. We need the equipment, but we would like to consider purchasing after actually using it.
It is necessary to do evaluation and trial production for a specific period. Etc.
In order to address these needs for battery trial production, we have set up a rental laboratory at our Yashiro Factory.
It is not only about the timing of the equipment purchase, we also strive to have contact with more customers in need of battery trial production to always do business while aware of their on-site needs.

Metal Processing Business

Our Miki Plant processes and sells a metal material called expanded metal as a material necessary for batteries such as the lithium-ion type.
In addition to batteries, expanded metal also has many other applications, such as golf club shafts, tennis racquet frames, computer EMI shields, acoustic instruments, and medical devices. We can also sell you products that are tailored to your applications.

Buying and Selling of Used Products

We also buy and sell used equipment, and not limited to our own products.
In addition to our battery trial production equipment, we also aim to become a partner company that can help out when you have problems with your devices and machines.