Staff Interviews

Staff Interviews

Akemi YamamotoSales Support
Sales Department Kobe Branch Office Joined company on April 1, 2015.

The most rewarding thing is to doing my best to help out

What made you want to join the company?

At my last job, I worked as a sales assistant for more than 10 years.
Wanting to challenge a completely different type of sales job, I felt that the best and most natural position for me was as a sales assistant, so I went to the Hello Work recruitment agency every day and that’s where I came across this company.

What do you do at your current job?

I do sales office work such as handling telephone calls and emails, document preparation (cost quotations, order placements, delivery slips, invoices, etc.), filing, customer management, inventory management, and visitor reception.

What is your daily schedule?

daily schedule

At what times do you feel it’s the most rewarding?

With the same goals of our sales reps who go out and do the work even in hot and cold weather conditions, I prepare quotation after quotation and other materials. The most rewarding thing is doing my best to help out and it’s a thrill to receive an order.

Please share a message to someone considering joining the company.

Even if you’ve been a sale assistant up until now, if it’s a different industry you’ll be starting from the beginning. I also was in a totally different industry as a sale assistant.
But the president hired me and encouraged me to learn everything from scratch and this is where I am today. If you try you can do it. I’m so thankful to the president who believed in me! I also appreciate my senior colleagues who have taught me so much.
At first it’s natural to be uneasy about things. How about working together with me?

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