Frequently Asked Questions

About Company

In 1973.
25 people
We deal through a trading company for transactions with non-Japanese companies. As the trading company to deal with will depend on the country you are at, please let us know your country and city.
Basically, it is possible.

Machines and Materials

We do not charge for this, but we ask that you clearly specify the specifications required for the quotation.
It depends on the equipment and timing, but it is usually about 3 to 4 months.
For a hand punch, it takes 4 weeks.
Basically, it should be both the design and the production.
If the equipment is an extension of a device we’ve designed and manufactured to this point, then it should be possible.
Up to 20 tons with the air-hydro roll press and 50 tons with the hydraulic roll press.
It is a pressure system that converts air pressure to hydraulic pressure. It has the advantages of saving space and low cost compared to the hydraulic roll press.
We carry 3 types: Direct type, die head type, and gravure head type.
Since the coating section of our coater is a unit type, replacement of the heads will allow for the 3 different coating methods.
We can handle up to 4 units (1 m x 4 units).
The drying ovens are as units, so up to 4 ovens can be added.
Our equipment is just for testing. If it is for a pilot manufacturing line, then it can probably be manufactured, but this depends on the specifications of the equipment.
Our company is able to manufacture parts for our own equipment but our ability to manufacture other parts depends on the situation at the time.
Various options are available for each device. Most specifications can be addressed through combinations of different devices, but for cases in which options are not available, we will answer upon confirmation of the specifications.
If it is equipment from our company, then of course we can do this.
If it is equipment from another company, we might be able to handle it if we have the drawings, etc.
Once the installation location of the equipment has been decided, the delivery route to that location will be confirmed in advance, and a quote from a specialist contractor will be obtained.
As most of the equipment is heavy, we request services a specialist contractor such as loading and unloading the equipment and on-site movement and installation.
All devices are guaranteed for 1 year from delivery. However, this does not include consumable products.
It would depend on the material and specifications; if such is not available we would have to discuss this.
The equipment in our rental laboratory room can be tested out.
However, charges may apply depending on the details of the testing.

Recruitment Related

Depending on the content of the work, we may emphasize age restrictions or experience, but basically there is no problem if you are a motivated person who can enjoy doing the work.
Generally, all you need is a resume and a detailed job history description.
We will take into consideration your desired type of job and work location; however, depending on the situation at that time, we may ask you to do a job other than what you want.
Commuting by car is standard for the Miki Factory and Yashiro Factory.
For our Kobe and Tokyo sales offices, you will need to commute by train.